Monthly Archives: September 2017

AS13001 Accredited Supplier Self Release Services

In addition to MTC’s triple play of performing 3 special processes in a row: UT, Etch & FPI, we also provide subsequent Supplier Self Release services!

This is especially beneficial for international customers that supply to US Primes (Pratt & Whitney, GE), and US customers that supply to European Primes (MTU, Snecma). We also release to Pratt & Whitney Canada. The service is based upon SAE International AS13001 accreditation. Our self release quality personnel are further trained and approved for the specific Primes such as DPRV (PWA), DQR (PWC), and DSQR (GE). Our self release service provides last eyes to verify part marking, visual check of suitable condition (no dings, FOD, etc.), and correct documentation (certs, packing list & shipping labels). As we are not a manufacturer, we do not perform dimensional verification. 

So take advantage of our self release service to reduce your cost and schedule by avoiding the need to ship product back to your facility before it can be released and shipped to your Prime customer.