Special Projects

While the majority of our jobs involve a single part number and a single operation, there are also a number of combined processing and special jobs that MTC is uniquely qualified to provide. Examples are:

  • Titanium Forgings Triple Service: UT, BEA and FPI
  • Nickel Alloy Forgings Triple Service: UT, Anodic Etch and FPI
  • Forgings Triple Service: UT, Chem Etch and FPI
  • Nital Etch including Hydrogen Embrittlement Relief Bake
  • Surface Temper Etch including Hydrogen Embrittlement Relief Bake
  • Titanium┬áMaterial for Medical Applications BEA including Material Preparation
  • Automated Contact UT C-Scan of Spacecraft Dome as a Field Service


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