Aluminum Etch & Cleaning

NDT Inspection Method Applicability

Aluminum etch solution can be used for both cleaning and inspection. An alkaline bath made of sodium hydroxide (NaOH) is typically used for cleaning or etching aluminum parts. Aluminum parts are etched to assess grain size, prepare the surface for subsequent FPI (pre-pen etch), and/or detect surface defects.

MTC Aluminum Etch & Cleaning Laboratory Inspection Service

At Metals Testing Company, we have a complete in-house capability of equipment, chemicals, procedures, qualified personnel, waste treatment, environmental related permits, and industry certifications to accomplish high quality Aluminum Cleaning and Aluminum Etch processing.

The following are examples of Aluminum Cleaning and Aluminum Etch related specifications that MTC is approved to perform:


  • RPS 128
  • RPS 576
  • RRP 51000


  • BAC 5786
  • HS 7725 (included in pre-pen etch)
  • C5098¬†(included in pre-pen etch)
  • EIM Code 2, Method H
  • RPS 676
  • RRP 51008
  • SS8712 (included in swab etch)
  • CP3605
  • C129

Common types of Aluminum parts that MTC cleans or etches include housings, enclosures, sleeves, brackets, tubing, swash plates, cylinders, spars, spacers, links, supports, fittings, flanges, bushings, beams, adapters, sockets, nozzles, shear pins, tie rods, angles, levers, pistons, hinges, latches, spirals, shim blocks, seal housings, retainers, etc..

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