Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection

NDT Inspection Method Applicability

Fluorescent Particle Inspection methods (a.k.a., FPI and PT) are typically used to detect cracks, micro-shrinkage, or other discontinuities that are open or otherwise connected to the surface of a part being inspected.

In general, FPI can be applied at any point during the manufacture and/or in-service use of an applicable part. Applicable parts are those made of ferromagnetic or non-ferromagnetic material, including some plastics and ceramics. FPI cannot be used on porous materials or parts with interfering coatings or contaminants. Surface defects as small as  .015” (.38mm) can be reliably detected with FPI.

In aerospace applications for example, FPI is commonly used on aluminum, titanium, magnesium, stainless steel, brass, and copper.

MTC FPI Laboratory Inspection Service

We offer fluorescent penetrant inspections for all levels of sensitivity, including Level 4 Ultrahigh. We also have a various removers and developers. The most commonly requested FPI at our facility is the desired sensitivity penetrant, combined with a hydrophilic post-emulsified remover, and a dry powder developer.

The following are examples of fluorescent penetrant inspection related specifications that MTC is approved to perform:

  • ASTM-E-1417
  • BAC 5423
  • BSS 7039
  • HP6-13
  • MIL-STD-6866

    Various types of parts for FPI

    Various types of parts for FPI

  • P3TF2
  • P3TF47
  • RPS 18.10
  • AMS 2645
  • HS 447
  • 91547-P6808
  • EMS52309
  • MTV 1030-1
  • MTV 1030-2
  • MTV 1030-3
  • MTV 1030-4
  • CFPM-1
  • CFPM-4
  • CFPM-5
  • FPM Code 1
  • FPM Code 2
  • FPM Code 7
  • FPM Code 9
  • RRP 58003
  • RPS702 (& RPS709 visual)
  • SS8806
  • DMC 0010
  • BPS 4089

Common types of parts that MTC FPI processes include forgings, magnesium castings, semi-fished parts, finished machined parts, housings, fan cases, enclosures, shafts, covers, splines, gear boxes, hubs, blisks, airfoils, spools, segments, rings, spacers, disks, discs, flanges, rollers, bearings, raceways, links, tubes, brackets, screws, bolts, washers, nuts, locknuts, non-metal parts, etc..

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