Ultrasonic Testing & Inspection

UT Method Applicability

Ultrasonic testing and inspection methods (a.k.a., UT) are typically used to detect corrosion, inclusions, cracks, weld defects, delaminations, unbonds, resin rich indications, FOD, included material, impact damage, incomplete bondlines, and porosity as well as to measure part thickness. As such, UT is used to detect and size discontinuities that are surface related as well as internal to the part (i.e., volumetric).

In general, UT can be applied at various points during manufacture as well as in-service, depending upon physical access and geometry issues. UT can be used to inspect both metals and non-metals. In aerospace applications for example, UT is commonly used on metals and composites, to inspect engine components as well as aircraft skins and structures.

Benefits of Contracting MTC for UT Services

We are a NADCAP certified facility with qualified NDT personnel in accordance with NAS-410. We are a self-owned company, providing independent inspection services, free of any potential conflict of interest. As of 2016, we have over 50 years of UT service experience. Our UT staff includes Level II and III personnel.

The vast majority of the UT we do is laboratory based, using immersion tanks. We also perform some contact testing, which can be done either in our lab or as a field service.

In terms of UT inspection hardware, we are unique. We have a combined advanced C-Scan RF imaging system with our internally developed complex contour following motion control system.

The following are examples of UT related specifications that MTC is approved to perform:


Airfoil Calibration C-Scan

Airfoil Calibration C-Scan

  • MIL-STD-2154
  • P3TF1
  • P3TF22
  • P3TF30
  • P3TF35
  • P3TF51
  • P3TF52
  • HS 1556
  • HS 7250
  • MIL-I-8950
  • PN 16.06
  • AMS2630
  • AMS2631
  • GPS5104-1
  • 91547-P6803
  • EMS52321
  • P6803
  • CSIM-1
  • BTM-2
  • BTM-16
  • SIM-1
  • SIM-2
  • TDM-7
  • RRP 58001
  • RRP 58002
  • SS8809

Common types of metal parts that MTC Ultrasonically inspects include sonic shape forgings Рdiscs, disks, rings, shafts, blades; bar, sheets, rings, housings, 1-2 spools, braze joints, welded joints, flanges, rocket nozzles, fuel nozzles, rocket domes, etc..

Common types of composite parts that MTC Ultrasonically inspects include tip caps, splice caps, spars, skins, torque tubes, vanes, doublers, winglets, brackets, panels, trim tabs, etc..

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